Tuesday, June 17, 2014

“Hey, Fred!” Nights Out 06/16-06/22/14

This title disclaimer will run until I’m sick of it.

A Sanford-eye view on stuff that's got my attention for the next week.  It's not comprehensive, it probably won't even include every show I go to (I always reserve the right to call an audible that just piqued my interest).  The title is based off talking to a good friend of mine about a great show I'd seen that he missed and A. joking, "Rick's going to start a new blog called, 'Hey, Fred, here's what's coming to town!'".  Big inspirations are Steve Smith's Agenda posts at Night After Night and especially amigo Andrew Patton's weekly column on Mark Subel's Jazz Columbus.

This runs Monday-Sunday of the following week; I intend to post it on Sunday or Monday.  This is not expected to be comprehensive, Joel Treadway's Cringe does a great job with that and has since I was sneaking into shows as a teenager.  These are things I feel pretty confident giving my stamp of approval to.  See my Best Of lists from past years for a barometer to my tastes.  Like with those best ofs, everything is in Columbus Ohio unless stated otherwise.


Tuesday June 17, 2014

Bucky Pizzarelli and Ed Laub; Natalie’s Coal-Fired Pizza, 5601 N High St. If you’ve got an interest in guitar playing at the absolute heights of the form, this is a good week to be in Columbus.  88 year old master Pizzarelli plays the style of Les Paul (and even touches on Django Reinhardt) with a conviction and depth of feeling you just aren’t going to find anywhere else, accompanied by perfect foil guitarist and vocalist Ed Laub.  I caught Pizzarelli once in NYC and it was mind-blowing, playing a room like Natalie’s is going to be a treat.  Starts at 8:00pm, $15.

Wednesday June 18, 2014

Richard Thompson Electric Trio; Southern Theatre, 21 E Main St.  Speaking of guitar players, in the rock world they don’t get much better than Richard Thompson who keeps finding fresh things to say and interesting angles to approach in his playing.  His current trio with drumming powerhouse Michael Jerome (John Cale’s band) and bassist Taras Prodaniuk might be the best, most flexible rhythm section he’s ever had, which is saying something from a guy who always has great rhythm sections.  One of my favorite songwriters to ever walk the earth, this will blow the walls off maybe Columbus’s best sounding room.  Chris Porterfield’s solo project Field Report opens. Starts at 8:00pm, $23-40.

Saturday June 21, 2014

Ghost Wolves with D-Rays and The Hexers; Ace of Cups, 2619 N High St. Austin’s Ghost Wolves are putting a fresh spin on the guitar drums duo doing blues-based rock laced with thick dance beats and a psychobilly twang with ferocity and an uncommon swing.  It helps that the bill is stacked with Dayton surf-rock band The D-Rays about whom I’ve heard nothing but good things and maybe my favorite band in town, The Hexers, really growing into their new lineup.  Doors at 9pm, $5.


Leaving the Atocha Station by Matt Slaybaugh adapted from the novel by Ben Lerner.  This opened last week, I saw it Saturday – a full review will follow by Wednesday but let me say Available Light Theatre is closing out their fantastic 2013-2014 season with a home run.  Slaybaugh continues his streak as the pre-eminent adaptor of hard-to-adapt novels following triumphs like Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom and Skyscrapers of the Midwest. The cast smokes making the absolute most of every moment, including David Tull, Ian Short, Rudy Frias, Amy Rittberger, and Eleni Papaleonardos. Dpn’t fucking miss this. Opens on June 12th and runs Thursday-Saturday with one Sunday Matinee through June 28.  Tickets available at http://www.avltheatre.com/

Betrayal by Harold Pinter. Shepherd productions is presenting the play that got me into Pinter, a deceptively simple structure stripping the layers away from an affair and dealing with what betraying someone really means.  Great cast including Travis Horseman and Melissa Batt. June 12th and runs Thursday-Saturday through 21.  Tickets available at http://www.shepherd-productions.com/

Hamlet by William Shakespeare.
Columbus's mostly-Shakespeare in the park company Actor's Theatre is a venerable institution I make it to at least once a season even if the people who are mostly there for wine in the park annoy me a little and the sound is spotty.  There are still some remarkable triumphs and the early word I've heard about this production directed by John Kuhn and Nick Baldasare is that it ranks up with their best.  Especially recommended for out of towners, Schiller Park and the German Village neighborhood are well worth spending a nice afternoon wandering around in topped off by a show.  Opened on May 22nd and runs Thursday-Sunday through June 28.  Donations encouraged.


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